If anyone is wondering where PartyPoker is located, it is not a casino reachable by road, rail or sea. It is an online room or space where people play poker. Simply put, PartyPoker is a poker hosting website. And the organization that runs it is Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment. This site that has been in operation since 2001 is hosting the poker tournament, Pokerfest Online, where competitors are set to play online poker and win set prizes.

The events lined up for the 2-week period are many; the number going up to 80! And the prize pool for the poker tournament is in the range of $2.5 million. The event kicks off on 27th September 2015 and is set to wind up on 11th October 2015. It will be on the heels of Pokerfest Live that has just taken place at Dusk Till Dawn, the age old casino in Nottingham. Incidentally, the prize for the main event was £52,000.

During Pokerfest Online, a poker competitor has an opportunity to pit against other PartyPoker players engaged in other variants of poker. Those different variants and formats of the poker game include Pot Limit Omaha; Seven-Card Stud; Limit Hold’em; Rebuy Tournament; Turbo plus Hyper-turbo blind structures; and others.

You may wish to note that PokerFest’s main event will be the highlight of this online festival and it will double as Event Number 73 on the line-up of poker events. The prize pool for this particular event is a good $300,000.

The no-limit hold’em format which has always been very popular with poker players is the one that most events will be in. However, there will also be six pot limit Omaha poker events. Other formats will also be included in the schedule of poker events like full ring freeze-out; six max; turbo; hyper turbo; re-buy; re-entry; as well as bounty.

As an interested party, you have options on how to join the online poker tournament. Huge discounts are available too. Here are some options:

  • You follow the qualifiers as traditionally happens like through mega satellites, and you will find many guaranteed seats even before the beginning of the poker event. With a mere $0.50, you are set to join the qualifiers that run all through day and night.
  • The next option is to use your loyalty points and buy a ticket. You even have a chance to buy a package that covers all the 80 events scheduled.
  • Another option where you can join the poker tournament without digging into your pocket is to opt in and then complete two special missions; that is, PokerFest Missions.
  • And then you have the option of making a modest deposit of $10 or even more than that. For this, you need a special code which is ‘FREEPOKERFEST’ and thereafter expect to receive free qualifier tickets to PokerFest Online.

Online poker and poker in general have been rising in popularity over the years, and many poker enthusiasts have even subscribed to Poker News. 2015 subscribers have a chance to get qualifier tickets by using the relevant code and their reward will not just be the $10 tickets but also another free ticket that guarantees them exclusive entry into the three Poker News Cup qualifiers still remaining. And for this, these subscribers will only have made a deposit of $25. It is good to keep in mind that the winning prize for the Poker News Cup is set at 1,100 Euros.

Note that there is still time to join the online poker fraternity. You can open an account and get a chance to participate in this year’s Poker Fest Online. There are available links online and all you do is click and make a deposit of $25 as your minimum.