Borgata Poker Open is one of the tournaments within the World Poker Tour (WPT) this year. It is being hosted in the state of New Jersey, a state where poker and other betting games are played in a very conducive environment. WPT, a series that is well within the US poker laws comes on the heels of the just completed World Series of Poker.

Many poker enthusiasts expect Borgata Poker Open to book a place in the poker record books this year. The World Poker Tournament held in Atlanta last year attracted entries to the tune of 2215 – of course that including those for the Borgata Winter Poker Open. And the preceding two years were even better as far as the number of entries was concerned. Borgata is a hotel casino that also has a spa and so poker lovers can enjoy some holidaying even as they enjoy the world class poker competition. The icing on the cake is that there is room for many people to spend their time enjoying online gambling from the same venue at The Borgata.

How does the hotel benefit from hosting the WPT?

For starters, all eyes are on the state of New Jersey for the days of the tournament and have been for the days just preceding it. Many poker fans want to spend a lot of their time at the hotel during the tournament, something that is a clear financial boost to all business aspects of The Borgata. After all, the New Jersey state laws do not prohibit visitors from other states from doing any betting or even engaging in online gambling right from New Jersey.

Of course, business is not just positively impacted at the hotel but also in surrounding areas of New Jersey. US poker laws do not generally interfere with the local laws in matters of gambling, and as long as the New Jersey state laws continue to be friendly to the poker fraternity, WPT at The Borgata is likely to continue attracting throngs of poker fans. According to Poker News, The Borgata has contributed $3.5 million to the tournament to reciprocate the generosity of the poker fraternity. To have an idea what the impact of that figure is to the tournament, all you need to do is equate that to 1,000 tournament entries, which is what it would have taken to consolidate this massive amount of money. The hotel’s operations’ Vice President, Joe Lupo, has expressed his jubilation at having The Borgata host the WPT another time.

The Line Up of the WPT Series in 2015

Gladly, US poker laws are lenient enough to accommodate a poker tournament of this magnitude, and whoever comes to play in the tournament in New Jersey is bound to experience the freedom of online gambling; online poker; and other betting games allowed by the state laws of New Jersey.

Already four tournaments in the WPT series have taken place since it began in May this year and six more are yet to take place, ending this December. The tournaments that have already taken place include The Canadian Spring Championship (WPT); WPT Amsterdam; WPT Choctaw; and Legends of Poker (WPT); while, of course, Borgata Poker Open is ongoing right now. Those that are yet to take place include WPT Maryland Live; Emperor’s Palace Poker; Bestbet Fall Series (WPT); WPT Montreal; WPT Prague; and Five Diamond Classic (WPT). And at the end of the World Poker Tour, the popularity of poker, both the online poker and that played physically within brick and mortar, will have soared to a new level.