Playing Bingo online in the US legally

Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware are the only three states in the US where people can gamble online using real money. The number of gambling websites bound within these states is steadily increasing, and if you are a regular player, then it would be best to familiarize yourself with different aspects of this new gambling platform.

This section is dedicated to playing bingo online and things that you should keep in mind when you begin to do so. There are legal considerations to think of, websites where you can play safely etc. The following is a series of questions that people frequently ask when they start playing bingo online.


What versions of bingo can I play online?

People who decide to play online bingo have a wide variety of bingo games that they can choose to play. There are the classic versions that everyone is acquainted with and then there are versions that people have usually not played. 75, 90 Ball Bingo and 80 are Bingo variants that are playable on the majority of bingo websites. There are Bingo games that you can play for free, there are bingo jackpots and several communal Bingo games as well.

Is there any software that I would have to download?

There are some websites that require for you to download a program onto your computer. Installing the program is hassle free and can be done so very easily. The majority of sites where you can play bingo online have a web based platform where you can just log on and start playing.

What is the certainty of online bingo games being fair?

You should avoid websites that are not licensed by a well reputed gaming commission. Websites that do not have a license are unsafe as their games have not been tested for fairness and randomness. A license from a well known commission means that the website’s games have been thoroughly checked and tested for unfairness. Always play on websites that are licensed.

Is there a limit on how much you can win?

There is a huge number and variety of bingo games that are available for playing on websites. There are no limits on the money that you can win while playing online. However you need to remember that in order to guarantee that you timely receive your payouts, you should play on licensed websites.

Would I have to pay tax on bingo winnings?

It is compulsory to declare winnings from playing bingo, whether they have been made online or in a land based venue.  In this regard all licensed bingo websites can send you a history of your transactions should you request them for the purpose of calculating the amount of tax payable.

Is there any protection that players have when playing online?

You are just as protected on a US licensed online website as you would be at a bingo venue on land. If you suspect that you have been dealt with unfairly and the website you’re playing on is unable to resolve your complaint, you can file a complaint with the necessary licensing authority who will then conduct an investigation.

What is the cost of online bingo tickets?

This can significantly vary, depending on the kind of Bingo game you choose to play. There are a number of bingo games that are even free on US licensed bingo websites.

Are there jackpot games on online bingo websites?

The answer is a huge yes. There is a huge number of online bingo websites that have jackpot games that pay big. These are usually available and run on an hourly basis. You can check their availability by checking the schedule of any bingo website.

Is there any prime time to play bingo online?

Bingo websites operate 24/7. Therefore you can choose to play any time you want.  However players are usually of the opinion that there is a greater chance of winning if you play during the earlier stages of the day or the later stages of the night. There would be lesser players competing and hence the probability of you winning would be higher.

What is the minimum age requirement for playing bingo online?

In the US, it is only possible to play online bingo with real money if you are more than 21 years old. Anybody under the age of 21 is legally restricted from gambling online. Websites require verification from their users whenever they signup. If this cannot happen automatically online, then users are required to send documentary evidence of their age. You cannot start playing until your age has been verified.


As we mentioned earlier, US residents can only gamble with real money online if they live in Nevada, New Jersey or Delaware. The following is a brief overview of the commissions in these states.

New Jersey Casino Control Commission

Residents of New Jersey and Delaware are now eligible to play and gamble on a lot of online bingo sites. These include the New Jersey Casino Control Commission that has begun to provide licenses to those companies that are New Jersey based.

Nevada Gaming Commission

Online gambling has now been legalized in Nevada. If you live in Nevada and are accessing a website that has a license from the Nevada Gaming Commission, you are good to go.


There aren’t many websites that offer online bingo for players who are US residents. However you may find licensed websites on the web that offer online bingo playing with real money. It is advisable not to play on these websites because they are not US licensed and hence, not safe. The authorities that offer licenses to these websites are:

Government of Curacao

There are a number of online bingo sites which have licenses given by the government of Curaco. However you should note that the license is not specifically a gambling license, it is a general license to do business. If you run into problems playing at a website with this license, you will not be protected.

Antigua Directorate of Offshore Gambling

In the past there were a lot of online gambling websites that had licenses from the Antigua Directorate of Offshore Gambling. Now however, the number of countries that recognize gambling licenses from Antigua have significantly decreased, as they just do not afford the level of protection that you would get when playing on a US licensed website.