The U.S. Poker Open in 2019 had a series of ten events. On Saturday night, the events were crowned the main event which was the #10 and the last. The $100,000 Main Event contest started with 33 runners. At the end of the tournament, David Peters managed to win the rough final table by maneuvering from last positions to the top position. Becoming the overall USPO Champion he was awarded $1.32 million and an additional $100,000 which he earned by moving from behind to the top.

At the beginning of the final table, Sean Winter had the highest chances of winning. Among the 10 table appearances, Winter was the favorite with victory of five final table appearances before peter edged him out in the 4th, 5th and 9th event with a blow. Unfortunately, he needed money to push him to the end but he did not have enough of it. This was an opening door for giving him a chance to win the US Poker Open Main Event. David peter would only make a victory by giving a total win which he perfectly delivered and took home one of the most prominent poker events in the US.

At the end of the tournament, David Peters was leading in the overall standings. He was the best with 550 points where he pocketed about $1.5 million. Sean Winter took the second position with 540 points and was awarded $0.74 million. The third position was taken by Stephen Chidwick having the same points with Winter (540) but was awarded lesser than him an amount of about $0.70 million.

Who is this man David Peters? He is an American professional poker player born in 1987. His career started when he saw Chris Moneymaker win WSOP main event in 2013 and got interested. He was encouraged when he went ahead and started playing free online games and ended up winning one of them for $600.He has been given a nickname of ‘silent assassin’ due to his playing strategies. He has been an active and prosperous actor in major poker tournaments in the United States and overseas. Currently, he is known to be one among the best no-limit Texas hold ’em tournament players across the world.

After the victory, David Peters, of the 31 years said that it felt wonderful. He added that it was clearly a very prestigious tournament and unforgettable. It was also a great experience to come from behind and to pass Sean by 10 points at the end of it all. He continued to describe himself as a person who is at everymen trying to make himself better. Expressing his joy he said that he has received the payment for his hard work since he had been putting a limitless amount of hours away from the table. Finishing his speech he said he always has a desire of wanting to grow better and better to higher levels. He was wishing that it is not going to stop since he wants to keep it going.