Poker Sites In Canada

Canadian online poker players have access to all kinds of bonuses and promotions that are easily available.
Canadian online Poker players visiting Titan Poker will be immediately attracted by the First 200 percent premium up to 1, 500.
However, Partypoker is one of the world’s most popular online poker sites and continues to expand its customer base by offering an ever – growing list of games and tournaments offering huge prize pools.
Betonline Poker is far from being the most popular online Poker destination in the world, but Canadian Poker players may be surprised by what the site has to offer.
Gg Poker is a relatively new online Poker site that is gaining a lot of popularity in the Asian market.

Online poker in Canada has a long and famous history, and Canada, to the surprise of some, played an important role in the poker boom of the early 2000s.
As already mentioned, Canada is one of the few places where, apart from private poker sites, it offers both state – run online poker sites.
Online poker is a dramatically different market than in the early 2000s, and the vast majority of online poker sites today are 100 percent secure.
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Several online casinos, poker rooms and sports books began to operate in Kahnawake under licenses issued by the tribe.
Canadian gambling laws do very little to deal with online gambling from a player’s point of view.
In general, Canadians have some of the best options in the world when it comes to choosing online casinos and poker sites.
Not only are there a lot of renowned offshore sites to choose from, but most provinces have entered the market with online betting and poker platforms.
Canadian players who prefer to play on off – shore sites have a variety of online poker sites to choose from.
Online poker is very popular in Canada, and poker sites are aimed at Canadian customers in many parts of the world.

Since 2001, PartyPoker has been one of the oldest poker sites on the internet.
Since the 1930s, William Hill has been offering online poker services to players in Europe and is one of the most respected online gambling companies.
William Hill Poker is the flagship website for the ipoker Network, currently ranked second in the world.
In addition, William Hill Poker offers some of the best online cash games and more than 5 Million dollars in monthly online Poker tournament warranties.

Canadian players have established themselves at poker tables throughout the country, abroad and especially online gambling sites.
For millions of players, poker is the ideal winter remedy, and once faced with the arctic cold, online poker sites are enjoying a peak in player activity.
Two beliefs separate poker enthusiasts, while some believe that this is completely acceptable, others are satisfied with the existence of online poker in a grey legal area, and in both cases several online poker sites are willing to welcome Canadian players.
In fact, it’s all about computer cards, and just as the government couldn’t stop the Canadians from visiting Las Vegas to enjoy a poker tournament, they couldn’t stop the citizens from accessing international gambling sites.

However, there is one about playing unauthorized homes, which would not happen if a Canadian were to choose one of the best poker sites on the market.
In fact, the optimistic look at online poker games is what has led many talented players to Canada.

You’ll naturally enjoy Poker compositions, fast payout and a wide variety of Poker variations that are all available for playing on the Poker network, which Bovada Poker has chosen to have their Poker site.

Before playing online poker, you should be familiar with the laws governing the internet poker scene in Canada.
Since poker sites began accepting Canadian players a few years ago, online poker has changed the country’s online poker scene.
Since there are only a few land poker rooms in Canada that can play because of government control, many players are looking for online poker rooms because they are legal for players, at least for the time being.

Anyone in Canada who has not yet registered in the online Poker room ( 888 Poker ) can receive 88 dollars without a down payment.
Year after year, the number of bonuses offered by poker rooms and various poker sites is steadily decreasing, such as the number of poker sites.
In 2017, you will not find many poker rooms, which will issue free money to sign up for Canadian residents.

Canadian players who register on one of our best poker sites will discover that they will not only be able to play poker variations, but also enter online and mobile poker tournaments on the sites for all of them have a number of different poker games available.

How to Play Poker within the Law in the US

Why The Quandary Regarding US Poker?freeoninepoker

Ever heard the date April 15th 2011 mentioned in relation to US poker? Well, it was a sad day for online poker players, especially those who did not just play for fun but for the money element. After months and years of making a living off online gambling, avid poker players woke up to the devastating news that the prevailing poker law had caught up with their favorite online poker hosts. As such, Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker, as well as Cereus, poker sites that had become home to many online poker enthusiasts were no longer going to operate. In fact, only later were those online gambling sites open for operations outside the US. The fateful day became known unanimously amidst the poker fraternity as Black Friday.

Anyone who has had a whiff of how the atmosphere was like during that time when a ban was suddenly put on what were then the biggest poker sites in the US, cannot help but question the reliability of online poker sites. However, it is brightening to know that within a week’s time, the online poker players who had deposits with the poker sites were able to withdraw their money, and in slightly more than a year, the sites were able to resume operations.

What Has Changed Since Black Friday?

Evidently, the poker traffic online is testament to the fact that the online gambling environment is very different now from what it was back in the day when vibrant online poker sites were brought down by government without prior notice. At the time, major players in the poker arena assumed that the law that was passed in 2006 – UIGEA – was for others in the cyberspace but not them. As such, they kept reaping heavily as they had already been doing since 2003 when interest in online poker began to significantly shoot up. In addition, the online poker sites had become a safe haven for money launderers, who saw an avenue to sanitize their ill gotten money.

Today, however, every online poker site is aware of the keen monitoring that the US government does, of every site or institution that receives money from the public. Even serious poker players, particularly those looking to win big monies from online poker sites, are able to see the transparency with which the online poker sites operate today. For example, it is always clear what the stakes are at the World Series of Poker. Anyone can see what the prizes are at every stage, and even the size of every significant win. Hence, as far as exchange of money and the revenues from the online poker sites is concerned, not much can be concealed, least of all, from the country’s gambling regulating body.

What to Check

If you want to log onto an online poker site that is hosted outside the US and is subject to the laws of another jurisdiction, it is your choice. Otherwise, for a poker site hosted in the US, you need to confirm that the online gambling site is registered and licensed accordingly. Often such a site will provide basic details regarding its existence, including the license under which it is operating.

In addition, anyone would expect a credible online poker site to proudly mention poker players who have won big prizes from their site over time, and also the sizeable prizes that site patrons have taken home over time.

Once you have established that the poker site is operating legally and that it is proud of the manner it operates, you can be sure you stand a fair chance to win cash prizes, and that the site is not cheating the exchequer of tax revenues.

Poker Players to Watch

When it comes to top poker sports giants, it is not as easy to identify them in poker as it is in other games where there are three medals in contention – gold, silver and bronze – and limited number of tournaments in a year. In poker, there is the money aspect to consider, championships participated in and ranked, bracelets won, and such other factors involved. So, to speak confidently about the greatest poker player at any one time is, to a great extent, subjective. However, there are those poker players who are not just fascinating at the table, but have also won big tournaments and cashed big prize monies consistently.

Poker Giants Of 2016

  • Daniel NegreanuDanielNegreanu

Negreanu has been consistent in poker championships held live since he began competing, and his admirable performance in those poker competitions has also been consistent. For that reason, he comes top on the list of this year’s Global Poker Index. In addition, he is notable for being the sole competitor to win bracelets in the World Poker Series in Europe, Australia as well as Las Vegas.

As far as earnings are concerned, Negreanu has had occasion to take home six separate winnings of a million dollars and above. In fact, in one of those great performances, he took home a whopping $8.28 million; and that was the winning from the World Series of Poker (WSOP) held in Las Vegas in July 2014. So far, his accumulated earnings from poker competitions are in excess of $30 million.

  • Antonio Esfandiari AntonioEsfandiari

 Esfandiari, whose accumulated earnings from poker have reached $26 million and more, is also among the most fascinating and popular poker players in the live poker scene. He earned his first $1 million cash prize about a decade ago, and that was in the LA Poker Classic. From 2004 onwards, his annual earnings have consistently hit six figures in US dollars, his greatest single win being in July 2012 when he scooped an enviable $18.3 million. It was in the WSOP held in Las Vegas that this American poker player of Iranian descent set the record for the highest prize won so far in a single poker tournament.

  • Erik Seidel ErikSeidel

Seidel is known on the poker scene, not just for his long poker career that spans decades, but also because he has been making big winnings. He began being noticed as a poker player with great potential when he came second in the main event of the 1988 WSOP. Then in 2011, his name was on everyone’s lips as he won a remarkable $6.5 million in a span of twelve months. Not only has Seidel won millions on US soil, but also in Australia where he made a single winning in Melbourne of almost $2.5 million.

  • PhilIveyPhil Ivey

It is not for nothing Phil Ivey is referred to as the Tiger Woods of Poker. This talented poker player is 38yrs old now, but he broke onto the poker scene as an underage teenager. Back then, he played under the name of Jerome, and his base was mostly casinos within the state of New Jersey. In 2000, Ivey, whose cumulative earnings from poker are almost $23 million, won a WSOP bracelet, and that marked his rise to fame, more winnings and greater respect from peers. Since that time, he has won eight more of those bracelets that are coveted by all serious poker competitors. Among his biggest single winnings are $2 million he won in January 2012, $3.5 million he won in February 2014, and $1.7 million he won in February last year.

Other poker players within this top league include Sam Trickett, who has $20.5 million accumulated winnings to his name; Phil Hellmuth Jr. whose accumulated earnings have reached $18.8 million; Jonathan Duhamel, with $16.8 million; John Juanda, with $15.6 million; Jason Mercier, with $15 million; and Michael Mizrachi, whose accumulated winnings have hit the $14.4 million mark.

New Jersey Reaps Most from Online Gambling

The state of New Jersey is leading all others in the US in earning the highest revenues from online gambling. This is not to be attributed to an increasing number of casinos or gamblers, although online casinos are plenty in the state, but to the structures that the state has put in place to ensure transparency in the sector. It is, definitely, impressive that gambling revenues should increase at a time when poker revenues, which constitute a big part of gambling revenues, had gotten a little destabilized.

Online Gambling High despite the Scotching Heat

New Jersey has recently been experiencing raised temperatures, beating the levels that residents and visitors anticipated, yet fans of online gambling have still managed to keep casinos flourishing. The month of January, just for example, saw casinos generating gross revenues of $12,478,841. That was the climax of great success experienced by New Jersey casinos for six consecutive months. Yet that climax was not the ceiling. The climate for online gambling in New Jersey has only become better, and February’s gross revenues from casinos beat those of January, reaching $12,755,555.

Online Poker Still a Significant Earner

 The fact that revenues from online poker have dropped does not mean that online poker revenues are not significant. For four consecutive months, online poker progressively grossed its revenues, even reaching $2 million a month. However, the instability in poker revenues was being viewed as significant because February saw the progress that was being made come to a halt, and online poker revenues only totaled $1,994,065, which was a 7.3% drop from January. Of course a figure of $1.9 million is still a respectable figure coming from online poker alone, but the state, obviously, hoped that the reverse trend did not persist.

Luckily, the drop in February online poker revenues was reversed last month, thanks to the establishment of PokerStars within the state. Gross revenues from online poker in the month of March totaled $2.46 million, according to the statistics provided by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE). The state is looking at this sector with optimism, especially considering that of the $2.46 million earned from online poker in March, a good $598,000 came from PokerStars.

Pokerstars Boosting Poker Revenuespokerstars

Even as New Jersey earned a good portion of March poker revenues from PokerStars, the poker host had only been in full operation within the state for only the last third of the month. The popularity of PokerStars was noted immediately its operations resumed in the US. On its very first day of operation, PokerStars managed to beat its competitors, looking at things from the perspective of player liquidity. Today, its success has even superseded that of Party-Borgata as well as that of WSOP-888. This is clear when one checks out regular traffic rankings. Many poker analysts are waiting in bated breath for the April poker revenues, in order to see how the market share of various poker competitors is being affected by the entry of PokerStars into the arena. Many poker pundits are particularly eager to see how Party-Borgata’s portion is being affected.

Even with its opening success, PokerStars is not about to sit on its laurels. Plans are underway for it to host a Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) tournament, well customized for the state of New Jersey. It is anticipated that this tournament will influence many poker enthusiasts to shift loyalties from elsewhere to PokerStars. Irrespective of where the loyalties of online poker players end up, all signs point towards New Jersey continuing to reap increased revenues from the gambling sector, and particularly the online gambling arena. The competition that PokerStars has brought in can only help the industry.


Lena900 Reigns in the PocketFives

Niklas Astedt, otherwise referred to as Lena900, has reached the top in the World Rankings of the PocketFives. For two weeks, he has remained unbeaten in terms of winnings on the popular poker platform.

Tough Call Remaining Tops

However, enviable as it may be, remaining at the top in the PocketFives for a couple of weeks does not mean that Astedt is invincible.  Another committed poker player, Simon Mattsson, who also goes by the nickname, C Darwin2 held the win for seven good weeks consecutively. Yet, now that Astedt is reigning, he is held at number three. Holding Position Two in the PocketFives after Astedt is another serious contender, Artem Vezhenkov, popularly known as Veeea. He is Russian.

Astedt’s Recent Winnings

Niklas comes from Sweden and has participated in online poker for many years now. He entered the PocketFives the first time in 2013 and has continued to play since then. The success of this consistent Swedish poker player comes after winning on different poker networks, which means it is an advantage for an online poker player to enroll on different poker platforms and not to confine himself or herself to only one network.

Recently, Astedt has had outstanding performances on PartyPoker, one of the famous poker sites there are. Also in the event held recently by PowerFest High Roller, this avid online poker player won two big events. His recent lucky streak began with the winning of Powerfest #91, where he took away a respectable $75,000.

For Niklas Astedt, playing serious online poker is not a one-time event. He takes his game seriously and wins reward for it. He was on the Monthly PocketFives Leaderboard in January and February, two consecutive months this year. This makes it clear to his peers that he is a force to reckon with in the poker arena.

Lena900’s Impressive Profile

Astedt reached the final table at the FTOPSs tournament and won a clean $86,000. That was back in 2011. In the same year, he took home a respectable winning of $50,000, courtesy of PartyPoker. Come 2013, and Lena900 ceased to appear new to the poker arena. In that year, he reached the Final Table at the Winamax Grand that was held in November, and he scooped his $12,000 winning. Later on in the same year, he came 5th in the WCOOP Challenge, and he took home a clean $43,000 after his great performance in the NLHE event.  2013 was still the year he took 2nd Position in the FCOOP tournament, winning a grand figure of $82,000. Then came February 2014, and Astedt, who by now had become a big name in the online poker arena, engaged in a 5-way chop in PokerStars, and he took away $129,000. Some months down the line, he won another $10,000, courtesy of Stars Sunday $100R.

It seems this Swedish poker player, who has made his mark primarily online, is not about to tire of winning. During the 888 Whale held within September 2015, Niklas Astedt earned a good $33,000, having come second in a poker arena of 414 competitors.

Lena900’s closest rivals at PocketFives

PocketFives is a highly competitive arena. Remaining at the top is a big challenge even for seasoned poker players. Although Niklas Astedt from Sweden is leading the pack now with 7,270 points, he is closely followed by Artem Vezhenkov from Russia, who has 7,036 points. Number 3 is even closer with 7,033 points, and that is a position held by Simon Mattsson, also from Sweden. Ariados, also from Sweden comes 4th in the line-up, with 6,930 points. Chris Hunichen, who follows closely at 5th position, has 6,926 points. He hails from Costa Rica.