Well, DTD? Those not so familiar with the poker series may not have an idea what DTD is – it stands for Dusk to Dawn. And that is not only because there are games going on at night, but that is actually the name of the venue. DTD is an old poker club that also serves as a casino. It was actually the first of its kind from those based in Midland to be legalized in the UK. Its volume of activities can, in fact, give online poker a run for its money. This October, world class poker players from the UK, neighbouring Ireland and even further away, meet at DTD to test their edge.

What Makes DTD Suitable For a Poker Function of World Standards?

First of all, not only are many poker players familiar with the venue, the casino also engages professionals. As such, it is a place that is credible and a place where anyone will be comfortable making a bet. Besides, the question of UK state laws does not arise as the place has been in operation for decades. It is also reassuring to note that the competition was successfully held at the same place last year.

As to the question of capacity, though it cannot be equated by the capacity that online gambling sites offer, when it comes to brick and mortar casinos, this venue is competitive. Its sitting capacity is 450 poker players at one go and comfortably occupying 45 tables.

How Long Is The Competition?

Anyone interested in poker should be ready to enjoy a whole sixteen days during which 19 events in total will take place. The entire period of poker and fun will begin on Saturday, the 24th of October and carry on up to the last day, which is scheduled to be Sunday, the 8th of November 2015.

And as for entrants, the guaranteed pool of winnings is mouth watering, being to the tune of £2.5 million! With this kind of money, the tournament cannot but attract the cream in the game of poker.

What goes on at DTD when this popular casino is not hosting World Class tournaments?

There is actually a wide range of betting activities taking place at DTD on ordinary days. It is a place where even people used to online gambling can come and feel at home as the charges cater for even players of low stakes.

Although there is room for VIP gambling where players access the cash room only by invite, many patrons have a wide range of stakes to choose from, including some worth a pound, five pounds, ten pounds and so on. In short, gaming at DTD is not just for the affluent. There is room for all cadres of players. The games here also come in varieties. There is Hold’em, for example, Omaha, Black Jack and even the Dealer’s Choice. This club also gives patrons opportunity to partake in electronic gaming the way they would online gambling, something that is convenient for activities at the casino. Gaming at the slot machines and roulette also keep patrons busy and entertained.

How is the Poker Law in the UK?

For starters, casinos have no problem conducting business as they are easily licensed by the country’s Gambling Commission. And when it comes to online poker, UK state laws are not restrictive even in the amounts a person can spend. Then there are the ordinary folk who would like to play poker in their local pub. Such pubs can offer gaming facilities but only after acquiring specific licenses for that purpose. The regulation for gaming in such places puts a limit as to how much a person can spend on poker and a ceiling to the prize.