As you will learn from Poker News and such other news platforms, betting has become an occupation for a significant part of the world population. Only the magnitude of the activity varies from one region to another. Of course, whether a country has a big proportion of its population playing poker or engaged in online gambling may just be a factor of its state laws. All in all, the fact of the matter is that gambling and betting in general is a thriving occupation and many governments that have traditionally wanted nothing to do with it are taking notice and wanting to have a piece of the pie.

The Hottest Betting Topic Today Is Not Poker

So what is the hottest betting topic today if not the all-popular poker? Well, it is Rugby World Cup, 2015. That may be surprising to some people considering that many countries do not even have a professional rugby team. Still, there are many countries where rugby is still alien being seen as elitist or foreign, but these ones also have rugby enthusiasts especially among the youth. These ones would not mind taking a bet on the performance of various rugby teams if their state laws are not a hindrance.

Where Will The Next Rugby World Cup Tournament Be Held?

Well, 2015 World Rugby Tournament is set to be held in cities that do not have as many casinos as Las Vegas, but within a country whose state laws have been conducive to betting. The country is England and the cities set to host the series of games include Birmingham; Brighton & Hove; Cardiff; Exeter; Gloucester; Leeds; Leicester; London – within Brent, Newham and Richmond; Manchester; Milton Keynes; Newcastle and Rugby.

What Are The Teams Likely To Rake In High Revenues In Bets?

For rugby enthusiasts who are already familiar with online gambling, they are likely to make numerous bets even if they may not necessarily be high stakes. But that counts for something considering that betting is spread even in areas of low income earners. And considering that the host country is usually seen as having some added advantage, and that the English rugby team has always been formidable against world giants, the team is likely to attract many bets and bring in massive revenues particularly through online gambling.

Other teams that rugby fans are likely to stake their money on include Australia and New Zealand. Of course, anyone who is not just keen on gambling but is also keen on sports will know they cannot afford to ignore Ireland while doing their sports betting. Whether through online gambling or otherwise, the probability of one team beating another is usually based on recent performances and Ireland has done well in the recent past within Europe.

The Convenience of Online Sports Betting

Betting in sports has joined mainstream online gambling in taking advantage of credible payment methods. PayPal; Skrill; Visa; MasterCard and others have partnered with sites facilitating online poker, sports betting and other forms of online gambling, to make it convenient for fans to pay to have fun and professional gamblers to try and make an income.

In fact, some of these betting sites are so user friendly that even fans new to web transactions but would like to bet on a sport like this year’s rugby world cup tournament would not find it difficult. Once you log onto the site, there is a button to show you where to click and register for online gambling; another one to show you where to click and make your betting deposit; and another one to click and place your bet.