The inductees for the hall of fame in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) are scheduled to be announced sometime between 7th November and 10th November this year. Such induction shows that the world of poker is not any different from that of other sports. Some of the inductees may be veteran poker players. Others may be young poker players who possibly even caught the poker bug from playing online poker.

Beginning of nominations

Nominations for the poker Hall of Fame inductees have already started. They are being sent online and poker fans are being encouraged to include a brief explanation when sending the name of their nominee. The aim of this nomination is to honor people who have made tremendous impact in the poker arena. Poker, being an old game, is likely to have many nominees but definitely only a few inductees can be accepted.

Short listing

Poker, like other sports, has firm structures. After the final list of nominees has been compiled and sorted, the Poker Hall of Fame Governing Council will do a thorough review of the top ten names, before handing that shortlist to another panel for the final stage before induction. That final stage is handled by a group of people who are respected in the field of poker; people who are already members of the Poker Hall of Fame. They will be assisted by some blue ribbon media panel.

How many inductees are expected?

It is important to note that the number of people to be inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame has nothing to do with the state poker law or any other state laws in the US or elsewhere. It has everything to do with the regulations set by the Poker Hall of Fame Governing Council as well as the tradition within the field of poker. This year, 2015, as in other past years, the final pick for inductees will be one or two names from the finalists. And thereafter there will be, as usual, an enshrinement ceremony. This ceremony is normally held in Las Vegas.

Requirements for Qualification as Nominee for the Poker Hall of Fame

  • The poker player must have competed against renowned top competition
  • The nominee poker player must have engaged in high stakes play
  • He or she must be well respected in the poker arena
  • He or she must be a consistent poker player and competitor
  • There is a minimum age set at 40yrs
  • For those nominees who are not serious poker players or not poker players at all, they must have been known for promoting the sport in a manner to leave an indelible mark for posterity.

Any known names hoping to enter the poker hall of fame?

Some of the poker players already nominated for WSOP hall of fame includes Jennifer Harman and John Juanda. They both have had great play in poker for over 20yrs. Obviously, they cannot have made their name playing online poker as playing over the web is a relatively recent development. Their consistency has been on the brick and mortar arena where many prominent poker players have always been competing.

John Juanda, for example, is one poker player who is not just known in the US for being a consistent high stake player, but also in Macau and elsewhere. Jennifer Harman, on her part, has been a constant in the famous Bellagio Poker room in Las Vegas. She is the sole woman who has been at home competing and winning against the men in the high level mixed games. And, of course, she has set the way for other formidable women poker players like Maria Ho.