Poker news just in is that Archie Karas, a famed gambler has since been placed in the Black Book, also referred to as the list of excluded persons. Having been one of poker’s most legendary gamblers, this is news that has been received with shock and disbelief in equal measure all over Nevada Casinos and more so in other parts of the world.

One Anargyros Karabourniotis, herein referred to as Archie Karas is ideally the so-called stuff of legends. The man has been gambling and playing poker for as long as anyone could imagine and therefore the news of his ban is something that has been quite outstanding to many. From the year 1992 to the year 1994, Archie Karas is said to have turned $50 to more than $40 million in what is even up to date referred to as “The Run.”

During that duration, Karas is said to have defeated some of the best names in poker. These included Chip Reese, Stu Ungar and Doyle Brunson just to name but a few. In fact, it is good to note that only Johnny Chan was able to beat Karas at the time by reportedly $900000 from the revered poker player.

Unfortunately, for the once legendary gambler, his heater came to an end and subsequently he proceeded to lose almost everything over the next two years. Today, more than 2 decades later, his fall from grace has been going from bad to worse. Just recently, he was placed in the unwanted Nevada Black Book that is officially known as the List of Excluded Persons.

According to poker news released by the Las Vegas Review Journal, the gaming commission in Nevada voted unanimously in order to make Karas, currently 64 years old the 33rd entity in the list of shame. Again, Karas who happened not to have attended the hearing in order to defend himself might face criminal charges if he entered any Casino in Nevada.

So, what caused Karas to be included in this list?

Well, he was included in the list according to experts as a result of committing numerous transgressions. The most recent of those transgressions came in the September of 2013 whereby he was arrested for cheating at blackjack when playing poker at the Barona Casino in the eastern parts of San Diego. Eventually, the man himself was found guilty and subsequently sentenced to three years in probation. Prior to that incident, Karas had also been arrested about four times within Nevada from the year 1988 for the same offence of cheating and blackjack.

From these details and other poker news, there is no doubt that Karas is a man in great trouble. He has been involved in cheating for quite some time and this is the main reason as to why he has since found himself in the list of shame. A legendary gambler of his caliber would never want to get into such a mess but according to many experts, this occurrence is his own making. He has made cheating at blackjack a common issue for him and he always gets arrested when he commits the offence and therefore it is only prudent that he corrects this way of life.

Considerably, Karas has more than $205000 in terms of lifetime tournament earnings and seven cashes from the World Series of Poker. Notably, the largest score of his entire career came during the 2009 WSOP whereby he took the fifth position in the $10000 World championships no limit deuce to seven draws for an amount totaling $53783. Of course, after this aspect of being black listed, he would never be able to attend any future WSOPs and that simply means that he is done as a gambler considering the many times that he has found himself on the wrong side of the law.