Florida has become most popular state where people love to play online poker because government officials have agreed to allow cards rooms for Florida residents without any limits. Before this agreement, Florida poker rules were really strict and you can’t play with more than $10 before hands were played out or turned up.

With the capacity of more than 20 online poker rooms, Florida’s online poker industry has greatest potential of becoming number one poker marketplace in this world. Numerous Florida residents want the access of online poker rooms. But the elected members are not interested in listening to the people voices.

At the present moment there is no bill regarding online poker laws are proposed or discussed publicly by the elected officials. It is very clear that online poker is not included in their priority list. But there are many places where people of Florida can play online poker without any problems.

According to many circumstances, things have gone another way as elected officials captured the explosion in internet cafes where people can place with electric sweepstakes lottery. That is why officials have voted to shut the loophole that allowed cafes to transfer the money among electronic machines. This is the most important fact that has to be addressed in case online poker progresses in Florida.

This has also made inadvertent effect of forcing the online poker sites that is based on subscription (ClubWPT) to leave Florida. In all fairness, Florida has to complete huge journey to catch-up with the world of online poker.

Several Indian Nations that are operating brick and motor casinos are taking online poker in the right direction. But the big player is The Seminole Nation that operates in six card rooms and casinos inside Florida.

It seems to be that it will come down to the federal judge’s that have rules that tribal casinos are excused from the definition of Unlawful internet gambling.

2006 Enforcement Act, agreed to the fact that online poker facility should be provided by the state’s casinos. Another lifeline for online poker industry is that they should convince the state lottery company takes interest in online poker. There can be huge revenue generated by the state authorities if they allow online poker but at the mean time it is impossible to say anything.

Will Online Poker Come to Florida?

The answer is yes but you have to wait for a very long. At the present moment state is ruled by the image conscious and conservative governor with the tradition of stopping the expansion of gambling. It will be counted as a miracle if online poker is offered legally to the Florida residents before 2016.

How many people would play online poker in Florida?

There is huge possibilities of online poker service providers will provide their services to people of Florida because more than 11 million people that are above 21, are living in Florida at this present moment. But it doesn’t seem to be the time when people of Florida can play online poker.