Recently, Mike McDonald, alias Timex almost skipped playing the WCOOP 51K USD Super High Roller, but rather opted to play and apparently he is now leading the pack of the last eight. Mike had decided against playing in the biggest buy-in tournament the world has ever witnessed but opted to go on with the game. To prove his instincts right, Timex, as he loves to be referred to in game of luck was atop the final eight players in the 2015 Poker Stars World Championships of Online poker 51K USD Super High Roller.

According to Mike McDonald, the issue of him registering late for the game was not an issue that was to be taking with lots of weight as such. Apparently, he argues that he does not feel good playing deep stack or even wanting to make an entrance sort of a thing. It was just that Mike McDonald had from the first day of the tournament thought that it was much tougher than he had actually experienced it. Ideally, Mike thought that it was going to be tough in the sense that most super high rollers were quite competitive in essence. However, this one was a tough one in the sense that he average player was quite good at it. Therefore, Mike saw quite a challenge and that is perhaps the reason why he was hesitant to register in the first case.

Mike McDonald said that in the last 30 to 45 minutes of registration, a number of several weaker players came to register as well as the chip were more towards the weaker in players in the poker field. Even in the event of these happenings, Mike argues that he had no idea how exactly he would fare in the field at the end. According to poker news, there was a time that Mike thought that he was quite confident not to play at all. However, things turned around suddenly and then he just decided to hop in and make the plunge.

The other notable players who were with McDonald in the last eight of the Super High Roller include Jose Angel Latorre, David Peters, Tollerence Holz, Nikita Bodyakovski and Cuffme. When the players will be returning to PokerStars on Monday noontime, the blinds would be set at 1000/2000 with a rather 250 ante and then the top 6 spots will play out. The mini-cash winning would be worth $126500 but there definitely are some two players who will at the end of it all being going home empty handed at the end of Day 2. The winner will subsequently get $851000 and as things stand currently, McDonald has just positioned himself rightly to take the title at the end of the event.

Notably, after Day 1 which attracted a total of 46 entries to the field, McDonald took some period of time to chat with poker news journalists about how he felt about the event and what exactly would be his prospects in the near future with regards to playing poker.

Some of the notable poker players that were bundled out at the end of Day 1 include Nick Petrangelo, Daniel Colman, Thomas Muehloecker, Jason Mercier, Daniel Negreanu, Dzmitry Urbanovich and Doug Polk. It is also advisable to stay tuned so as to get all the latest poker news with regards to Mike McDonald’s progress and that of the other poker players. By the end of the day on Monday, it is expected that some changes would be seen on the log but Mike McDonald is likely to retain his place at the apex. One of the notable players of his times, Mike is no doubt having a great time in this case. It is good to keep watching and staying updated so as to get the most ideal details in essence.