The regulatory body, Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC), has kicked out Archie Karas from the community of professional gamblers! Karas, who is 64yrs old, has been gambling since 1992 but cannot now partake of poker and other gambling activities within casinos in the state of Nevada.

Fancy stories can be told by players of poker and other gamblers, but if the story of rags to riches be told around the gambling tables, the name of Archie Karas cannot miss to come up. The full name of this legendary gambler is Anargyros Karabourniotis. In the betting world, and that includes online gambling, stakes can be as low as a dollar and can be as high as an amount that can bring a person’s business empire down. Hence, in 1992, this Greek born optimist plunged into the gambling scene with little earnings from waiting tables, since there was nothing in the US poker laws to stop a foreigner from gambling. He played pool and later poker with zest. He had the tendency to have a long winning streak followed by a period of losses but that did not keep him from playing as long as the state poker law allowed.

It was after such a streak of losses and with just $50 to his name that Karas proceeded to Las Vegas to continue his poker playing. Las Vegas is renowned worldwide for its gambling culture and Karas fitted in exemplary well. From the boy who had left home bare handed at the tender age of fifteen, Karas grew his wealth within no time, amassing a staggering figure of $40 million from gambling by1994.

Big Fish Beaten By Karas in His Hey Days

  • David Edward Reese

This heavy gambler who went by the nickname, Chip Reese, even had three bracelets from winning the World Series of Poker before passing on in 2007. Still, Archie beat him in poker hands down.

  • Doyle Brunson

Doyle, who is now over 80yrs old and has been inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame, has two bracelets from winning the World Series of Poker. Yet with decades of experience, he was felled by the ferocious poker player, Archie Karas.

  • Johnny Chan

This professional poker player, who must have gotten his nickname, Orient Express, from his marathon wins, holds ten bracelets from winning the World Series of Poker. Yet he happened to have fallen victim to Archie’s single-mindedness in poker. However, unlike others, Chan had his turn to retaliate.

Interesting Side of Archie Karas

First of all, although nobody can speak of the Nevada state laws and US poker laws in general without thinking of Archie because of his many cheating controversies, it is also interesting to note that despite being feared around the poker tables, Anargyros Karabourniotis neither has bracelets nor titles from poker winnings. His attitude may also interest upcoming gamblers who may soon realize that state laws cannot protect you from losing your life savings in a sitting. Karas has been quoted as expressing his stand that he does not attach too much value to money and so he is not emotionally affected when he loses big on the poker tables. In short, he has psyched himself to the fact that in poker, the winnings can disappear as fast as they came.

What next for Archie Karas?

It will be interesting to see if Archie will try and continue his casino adventures in other states where state poker law is accommodating or whether he is going to call it quits and rejoin his family in Greece. However, considering the many run-ins he has had with the law and also the financial turmoil his country is undergoing, the next step for Archie cannot be obvious.