Niklas Astedt, otherwise referred to as Lena900, has reached the top in the World Rankings of the PocketFives. For two weeks, he has remained unbeaten in terms of winnings on the popular poker platform.

Tough Call Remaining Tops

However, enviable as it may be, remaining at the top in the PocketFives for a couple of weeks does not mean that Astedt is invincible.  Another committed poker player, Simon Mattsson, who also goes by the nickname, C Darwin2 held the win for seven good weeks consecutively. Yet, now that Astedt is reigning, he is held at number three. Holding Position Two in the PocketFives after Astedt is another serious contender, Artem Vezhenkov, popularly known as Veeea. He is Russian.

Astedt’s Recent Winnings

Niklas comes from Sweden and has participated in online poker for many years now. He entered the PocketFives the first time in 2013 and has continued to play since then. The success of this consistent Swedish poker player comes after winning on different poker networks, which means it is an advantage for an online poker player to enroll on different poker platforms and not to confine himself or herself to only one network.

Recently, Astedt has had outstanding performances on PartyPoker, one of the famous poker sites there are. Also in the event held recently by PowerFest High Roller, this avid online poker player won two big events. His recent lucky streak began with the winning of Powerfest #91, where he took away a respectable $75,000.

For Niklas Astedt, playing serious online poker is not a one-time event. He takes his game seriously and wins reward for it. He was on the Monthly PocketFives Leaderboard in January and February, two consecutive months this year. This makes it clear to his peers that he is a force to reckon with in the poker arena.

Lena900’s Impressive Profile

Astedt reached the final table at the FTOPSs tournament and won a clean $86,000. That was back in 2011. In the same year, he took home a respectable winning of $50,000, courtesy of PartyPoker. Come 2013, and Lena900 ceased to appear new to the poker arena. In that year, he reached the Final Table at the Winamax Grand that was held in November, and he scooped his $12,000 winning. Later on in the same year, he came 5th in the WCOOP Challenge, and he took home a clean $43,000 after his great performance in the NLHE event.  2013 was still the year he took 2nd Position in the FCOOP tournament, winning a grand figure of $82,000. Then came February 2014, and Astedt, who by now had become a big name in the online poker arena, engaged in a 5-way chop in PokerStars, and he took away $129,000. Some months down the line, he won another $10,000, courtesy of Stars Sunday $100R.

It seems this Swedish poker player, who has made his mark primarily online, is not about to tire of winning. During the 888 Whale held within September 2015, Niklas Astedt earned a good $33,000, having come second in a poker arena of 414 competitors.

Lena900’s closest rivals at PocketFives

PocketFives is a highly competitive arena. Remaining at the top is a big challenge even for seasoned poker players. Although Niklas Astedt from Sweden is leading the pack now with 7,270 points, he is closely followed by Artem Vezhenkov from Russia, who has 7,036 points. Number 3 is even closer with 7,033 points, and that is a position held by Simon Mattsson, also from Sweden. Ariados, also from Sweden comes 4th in the line-up, with 6,930 points. Chris Hunichen, who follows closely at 5th position, has 6,926 points. He hails from Costa Rica.