There are various states in USA that are offering legal poker sites such as New Jersey and according to some sources Maine is also very close to offer online poker legally under the protection of Maine state authorities.

There is no debates on online poker bill are taking place at the present moment and that is why it seems to be that residents of Maine will be able to enjoy online poker without any problems. The cards are in favor of online poker and that is really good news for the people of Maine. But, Kentucky can make significant impact on the legalization of online poker.

In 2012, Oxford Casino was introduced to the people of Maine, so they can challenge their luck and become rich. As soon as Oxford casino opened, Churchill Downs Inc. bought this casino. The Churchill Downs are famous for possessing namesake where Kentucky Derby takes place since 1872.

The Churchill Downs Inc. is also owners of many race tracks and slot casinos that are located in Kentucky, Ohio, Mississippi and now in Maine as well. They are the biggest casino service provider in Maine as they possess huge number of casinos (over more than dozen) in Mississippi and Ohio. That is why most of the people choose this service provider for enjoying various casino games.

There are no problems in the way of online poker legalization in Maine but all the things depends on the interest of Churchill Downs Inc. because they are the only service provider in the state. If they are interested in multi-billion-dollar industry of online poker then there won’t be any problems for people to enjoy this game online. Elected officials have also given huge hopes to the people as they are not against the online poker at all.

In fact, Maine tourism industry has also requested to the officials that they should allow more casinos as gambling is legalized in Maine. This step is going into the right direction as people of Maine will be able to play online poker very soon. Great size of this state will also provide good opportunity to online poker because it takes days to visit other boundary of Maine. But at the mean time, there are no push form residents, media or politicians to make online poker legal in Maine.

When Will I Get to Play Online Poker in Maine?

It looks uncertain to play online poker very soon but optimist believes that Churchill Downs Inc. can play significant role to convince the state government to make online poker legal. There is great future of online poker in Maine as online poker is becoming most played game and different states that have made online poker legal are gaining huge revenue. At the current moment, it is taking too much time because lack of interest by the resident and service providers. According to experts it will take more time to enjoy this service.

What is Maine’s Potential Online Poker Player Market?

There are more than 930,000 residents of Maine are over 21 years and can legally play online poker so it is very clear that there are great chances of online poker industry. The residents of Maine will enjoy great benefits if they are allowed to play online poker legally by the state authorities.