Once a renowned poker pro, Matt Smith has grown into one of the most notable Fantasy Sports Millionaires in the industry. The Floridian has since shaken off black Friday in order to find a new lucrative career in the name of playing daily fantasy sports.

There is no doubt that Matt Smith had an unforgettable summer during the World Series of Poker. During the event, he made two final tables and also ran deep into the main event at the time to be able to cash for a total in excess of $110000. The former online poker player who goes by the nickname, “SamENole” in total earned more than $500000 during live poker events and tournaments and another awesome $1.15 million by playing on the internet.

It is also worth noting that Smith is one of the most outstanding poker players of his generation. What is even scary though is the fact that he might just be a good daily fantasy sports player as well and even end up abandoning poker so as to take on Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) all in all.

A notable event about Smith that many people remember vividly is that last year, he made headlines when he significantly outlasted a field of more than 92400 entries on his way to winning the Draft Kings Millionaire Maker Contest. In the eventuality, he earned $1 million payday.

Since that time to date, Smith has solidified himself as one of the best Daily Fantasy Sports players in the industry today. Notably, he just came back from a VIP trip that incorporated a $12500 buy-in contest for the top 20 players, a night stay at a five star hotel and also a suite at the NFL first night game featuring New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers in Foxborough in Massachusetts. These goodies came along with a private jet trip to Miami Beach for a party at the Fontainebleu Hotel.

Recently, card player caught up with the main man himself and talked about his new lucrative career that is daily fantasy sports and why he prefers it over the poker he had been playing for quite a long period of time. Smith argues that it was for the love of the game that he decided to switch to fantasy sports. He goes on to reckon that he never knew that there was a lot of money that could be won at these kinds of websites.

For him, it just started as a hobby. He argues that after Black Friday, he was kind of scrambling around to try and figure out what he could do. In the end, he only managed to grind $2-$5 and $5-$10 at the Hard Rock playing daily fantasy sports on the sidelines. From there on, Smith started to win consistently and it more or less took over as his main job just like the case had been when he was playing poker with the pros.

Smith also reckons that there are lots of similarities that exist between poker and daily fantasy sports- a reason why he has had a knack and fast grip on DFS. One thing that is most outstanding though is that there is a lot of money that one can make and as he is playing fantasy sports, he is always reminded of his early day as a poker player when he used to win big.

On why many poker players are switching towards daily fantasy sports, Smith argues that is something that is quite hard to explain. Many poker players make good fantasy sports players and this might be the main driving force behind the switch. Again, managing a bankroll is an important skill to possess when playing fantasy sports. It happens that many poker players are richly equipped and skilled in that regard. The key is in knowing and being able to predict the statistics whereby the poker players are very well versed.