It is not right to say that Michigan Lawmakers are in favor of making online poker legal because that might represent the complete picture of the situation. In fact since 2013, all the news of making online poker legal is seems to be negative. There is more news for the people that are thinking of enjoying the online poker legally that lawmakers are planning to ban even the charity online poker. That is harsh but clearly the authorities are not in favor of online poker as the situation seems to be.

In 1999, Michigan authorities passed the law that gambling online will be counted as criminal offense. You can’t use your computer or internet for playing online gambling but that was applied on the skill gambling. Poker is game of chance not game of skill and that is why authorities can’t take stronger actions against you until you are playing without money. In 2013, lawmakers finally have come up with the bill that will make all types of online games particularly online poker illegal in the state. This bill is proposed by republican Rep. Kevin Cotter and the bill was encouraged by the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe that operates Soaring Eagle Resort and Casino.

Michigan Lottery proposed bids to companies that would make the online gaming easy but Cotter’s has stopped these bids. But you will be glad to hear that Soaring Eagle Resort and Casino has prepared to provide casino games with money, online. This platform is designed by the Aristocrat online that is expert service provider who offers online slots. That is clear indication that tribe will put lots of pressure on Cotter and other lawmakers to make online slot play legal in the state.

It is very clear that many things are happening behind the screen and only time will tell what is the true picture of online poker in Michigan. This state has the reputation of possessing lawmakers and conservatives that are not in favor of gambling at all. These people are thinking that they are trying to protecting the state from financial crisis by avoiding gambling.

Sen. Rick Jones has made the statement that it is not too far that people can enjoy gambling from their crouch. He also signed the bill that favors the lottery plans and online poker. According to the State laws, gambling expansion needed to be approved in a referendum and if online poker is put in it then there are great chances of legalized online poker, in the Michigan state. But as it stands, there are great hopes that people will be able to play online gambling legally in Michigan.

When Can I play Online Poker in Michigan?

There are many lawmakers that are well aware of profits that can be generated from the online gambling. That is why there are great expectations that online poker can become legal in this state. Michigan is the home of 25 casinos and slot rooms and there are great chances that online poker can be made legal. But at the present moment it seems that only online lottery is the first priority of the elected persons as they are proposing. There is always an option that people should cross the border and get to Canada and then accessing world best poker sites.

What is Michigan’s Potential Online Poker Market?

This state has more than 5 million adults that are potential players of online poker so chances are really great for online poker sites.