Nebraska is way behind in the online poker legalization race because they are not paying any attention for making online poker legal in the state. There is no casinos offered for the residence of Nebraska but they can enjoy gambling with lottery and keno option.

In 2004, governor of Nebraska pushed really hard to make online poker legal in the state but his efforts were ferociously opposed by the lawmakers. From 1994, there are many people tried to make online poker legal in the state but till now it hasn’t been fruitful results.

Warren Buffet is strictly against online poker and gambling and that is the reason why he is running anti-gambling mission from many years. With his powerful presence and $58 billion budget, he is very influential person in Oracle of Omaha. This genius of stock market says that gambling is waste of time, and he is using his money, power and time for running anti-gambling movement in this magnificent state.

At this present moment there is no chance that legalizing online poker will be an easy task especially when people like Warren Buffet are influential on the law makers.

Warren Buffet has already held many charity poker tournament but still he is against legalizing online poker because he believes that it only waste time and energy of people. He said that I organize poker game only for charity because people won’t spend their whole day in just playing poker.

The roots of anti-gambling movement are so deep that when politically Savvy introduced the casino expansion bill then it was heavily opposed by most of the lawmakers. Even though it was really beneficial for the state revenue but it was not seemed that ways by the anti-gambling supporters. He also tried his level best for making online poker legal in the state, in order to help native poker service providers.

There is very controversial statement given by the anti-gambling members that “Gambling with the Good Life has caused many people heartache and hurt wherever poker is legalized in any state of the country”. It is very clear that this statement is completely opposite to the reality.

The anti-gambling supporters also tried to oppose the attempt of decreasing the time limits set for keno from five to three minutes and clearly indicates how these people will react if online poker bill is presented for legalization. It makes perfect platform to see what Warren Buffet will do if online poker bill will be introduced.

When Will I Be Allowed to Play Online in Nebraska?

Nebraska is very solid state with good financial condition and minimal deficit in their balance statement. Even though people are trying really hard to make online poker legal but it seems that they are defeated well before the start of battle. According to politician “If someone will introduce online poker bill then it will face serious backlash”.

Closest Place to Play Online Poker if I Live in Nebraska?

You can always opt for Nevada which is very accessible from the Nebraska but you can also opt for Colorado, Kansas where online poker is offered legally to people.