Oklahoma secures the second number in the list of Indian casinos after the California state that tops the list with great number of Indian casinos. Oklahoma is miles ahead of many other states that are still considering for making online poker legal. It is the first state that allowed Indian casinos to operate online poker globally and that is why it is the place that is loved by all the poker fans worldwide.

In 2013, Arapaho and Cheyenne tribes negotiated with the Oklahoma officials for seeking the permission to provide online poker with 20% income will be provided to the government as taxes. They provided portal PokerTribes.com where all the people can easily enjoy their favorite online poker. This site was only allowed to do business with the people that are not residence of USA.

This move made huge impact on the lawmakers and tribes of other states as they were planning to make further of online poker bright by taking step in making online poker legal.

The conflict appeared when Arapaho and Cheyenne tribes offered free to play PokerTribes.com to all the people. Immediately, state officials protested and put immense pressure on the tribes to take the website offline without any delays. State reports claimed that terms and conditions were violated by the website and that is why they have to force the tribes. Both the parties meet again and come up with a new deal.

The Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association sent notice to both the tribes that they want to enter in the globalised poker market. There was only one fact that was getting attention of all the people and that was profitable poker market.

The Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association was thinking for the future and to provide much needed help to the tribes by joining the quickly changing online gaming industry. This is the right move that will produce great income for the state of Oklahoma and tribes as per statement of OIGA Chairman Brian Foster.

You can visit PokerTribes.com and find the material on the page that assures to offer online poker with real-money. The brand new website will be launched in this summer. This is the first step in the online poker world and all the things will be controlled by the digital solutions company UEG (Universal Entertainment Group).

When Will I Get to Play Online Poker in Oklahoma?

Once the other tribes come together and join the Arapaho and Cheyenne tribes to sign the contract with the state and more websites go live then Oklahoma officials will consider the online poker should be offered legally to the natives of the state as well as country.

Governor Mary Fallin is showing their concerns about working with the tribes to make new online poker records. They are also interested in providing Oklahoma people new gaming option. Optimists believe that Oklahoma will offer online poker legally in 2015 but that might not happen as there are many complicated legal issues still to be resolved. Online poker players should seek all the updated information of Oklahoma authorities as they are very near to make online poker legal in the state.