Whether playing for cash, bragging rights or just for the thrill of it, you’re sure to find a number of first-rate online poker sites in Canada. Whatever pulls you in, you’re not alone. Not surprising too, considering among the greatest poker players in the world are Canadian, such as former WSOP Champion Jonathan Duhameland Daniel Negreanu, the current record holder for highest lifetime earnings.

However, internet gambling has always been a grey area within Canadian law as the country was strictly anti-gambling before the criminal code was amended to legalize certain gambling activities in the 1970s. A decade and a half later, provinces and territories were given the right to decide if they should allow gambling in their domains and as result, some areas started hosting lotteries while others constructed casinos.

It’s debatable though, if that edict gives the right for online casinos, online gambling or online poker. But beyond the provincial domains, Canadians thus far enjoy online poker without hassle. Millions of Canadians are currently wagering online, most hoping to win millions, of course, while others are in it simply to compete for a few dollars in tournaments amongst friends. Whether an online poker master or a weekend warrior, this guide serves to expound more on the Canadian online poker scene.

Online Poker In Canada

For those who have never played online poker, it can be a little hard for them to identify the best poker sites in Canada since there are literally hundreds of poker sites which will be glad to welcome real money players. However, only a handful will offer players the experience they deserve. While lesser real money online poker sites in Canada will attempt to lure new players with clever ad campaigns or huge bonuses, the best poker rooms are those which excel in every category. Players can even play on their mobile devices on the best Canadian poker sites.

What gamers need to look for in an online poker site is solid software, steady traffic during peak times plus great bonuses. All these make for a great real money poker room. More importantly, players should opt for Canadian poker sites that employ the best software platform since it ultimately determines every aspect; from connection quality to login time, to the clarity of the graphics to hand speed, and more.

Range of Games

Before setting off for a game of online poker, it’s important to know that Canadian poker rooms have a range of different variations of poker. Naturally, there’s Texas Hold’em, in addition to the traditional variants such as Omaha and Stud just to name a few. Players also have a choice of Limit, No Limit plus Pot Limit. Many of the best Canadian poker sites provide players with quick tutorials to ensure they know the game type they’ll be playing before shuffling up and double clicking on a table or tournament.

Real Money Games And Tournaments

All Canadian poker sites offer real money games and tournaments. For real money poker, players bring as much cash as they want to the table but mostly up to a healthy maximum. Players are free to come and go as they please. The games runs continuously meaning there’s never quite an end but should a player feel they’ve won enough, they’re free to walk away.

Tournaments on the other hand work a little differently; rather than bring cash to the table then getting an equivalent stack of chips, players buy in for a set price. Each player will pay a similar entry fee and receive the same stack of chips. The winner of the tournament is the last man standing, although there are prizes for the next few spots too, depending on the number of entrants. In short, the bigger the tournament, the more players will win.