Two of the best online poker tournament players in the United Kingdom secured their largest ever monies this week. This occurred during the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP). Just last weekend, the Sunday Million got the WCOOP treatment thereby implying that its buy-in gained a boost from the initial $215 to $700. Rather than reducing the field size on the other hand, the opposite happened as a result and thus 3418 players turned out for the event. This created a prize pool of approximately $2,272,970 in the process.

Among the participants who finished within the top 432 places and got prize money for their initial $700 investment included Christopher Brammer, Talal Shakerchi, Charlie Combes, Phil Mighall, Marcin Milde and Keith Johnson. The latter was the first casualty in the final table with a finish that was worth $18,183.76.

Whereas most of the performances during the recent event were awesome in their own individual right according to poker news, a considerable number of them paled into utter insignificance when compared to the performance on one Andy Taylor. Taylor went all the way and ended up winning the tournament. He achieved that feat by scooping a colossal $273, 850.02 in terms of cash after a four-handed deal had gone through.

Just before this massive score, his biggest cash came in the year 2012 at the time when he was the runner up in the PokerStars Sunday Re-buy for $39380. Now three years later, he was able to finish second in the same tournament for a winning amount of $36,126 but now he can go around bragging about winning considering that he won more than a quarter million dollars in one sitting. This is all thanks to the superb victory registered.

Taylor’s fellow, one Billy Chattaway on the other hand had already bagged a six-figure score to his name. This is all thanks to him taking down the $1050 NL Hold’em 3-stack event during the 2015 Spring Championships of Online Poker (SCOOP). This result meant that Chattaway had netted the popular pro $111, 132. Now, he knows very well that he has a cash of more than double that amount and it is $263,500 just to be exact. This comes after finishing fourth in the $10300 eight-max high roller during the 2015 WCOOP.

Apparently, it seemed like Chattaway intended to finish a hat trick of these COOP titles as he also bagged a Turbo Championship of Online Poker (TCOOP) even of 2015. It is quite obvious that the cash that was awarded for this WCOOP run will help in softening the blow of failing short in most of his attempts in previous times.

It is also important to take note of another player by the name Z-Energies. He also joined up with the six-figure club by being a part of the four way deal during the same WCOOP championships of the Sunday warm-up. The deal in essence secured a much needed $118, 582.92 score for a player who already had the Union Jack to his name. The Union jack had paid over $17000 more than the third place would have managed had the negotiations not have been fruitful in the first case.

There are a myriad of opportunities for being able to bank life changing scores in these types of poker events or championships as noted in most of the latest poker news. Apparently, news has it that three tournaments have already been paused and thus has to wait for Day 2 in order to be able to commence. The $215 R1A PL 5-Card Omaha is one of the main events that have been moved to the second day. Therefore, players and fans can expect some great fun during the upcoming event days so as to know how it all happens. It is good to wish the very best to the players who will be taking part in the championship.