Among the hottest poker news in the poker industry today is that Poker Central has since announced that Maria Ho will be streaming live poker programs on the network’s Twitch TV channel. In response to her job appointment, Ho said that she was so thrilled to be part of the company’s vision to drive and broadcast innovative programming, more so to be able to reach out to the many people who love poker out there. According to Clint Stinchcomb, the CEO of Poker Central, the company was excited to welcome Ho to help in boosting the appeal that the twitch channel has since maintained for quite a long period of time.

Being a professional poker player, Maria Ho understands just about everything regarding poker and therefore when it comes to streaming live poker programming on the Twitch TV channel, there is no doubt that she has all it takes to do the job in the right manner. Outstanding poker news state that the live streaming would be referred to as Poker Central Live with Maria Ho and the show is expected to begin in late September.

For anyone who is not very familiar with poker central, there is a plan in the cards to launch on the 1st of October. That will be the only television station that will be offering 24-hour poker related programs all through the week. Notably, Poker Central is also the producer of the highly rated Super High Roller Series. It might be a good idea to note that one Brian Rast won the inaugural event back in July for $7525000 after he had outlasted 43 players.

Ever since she started poker, Maria Ho has amassed more than $2.6 million in terms of poker tournament winnings. This amount includes 32 world series of poker or the so called WSOP cashes, three WSOP finals tables, four WPT cashes and seven final tables in addition. Notably, her best cash came in the second-placed finish of the year 2011 when she won $540020.

It is also good to understand that Maria Ho is known to be a revered television personality. She competed in the CBS Emmy Awards winning and went on to win the television show award for The Amazing Race 15 in the year 2009. She also took part in the third season of American Idol, commentated at the Heartland Poker Tour and recently joined Poker Night in America as a co-host.

There is no doubt that the staff members and top level managers at Poker Central are absolutely delighted that Maria Ho is joining their vibrant team of professionals. Being one of the best female poker pros in the world today, she will most definitely bring the best to the table considering that she has vast knowledge of the game of luck. Moreover, her charm and personality will make her a very valuable addition to the team at Poker Central.

It is good to note that Maria Ho will not simply be streaming online poker sessions in live time. She will also be interacting with many other professional poker players and offering commentary on video clips from other events hosted by the company. Also during the program that she will be hosting, there will be prizes to give away including Poker Central Apparel, high roller series memorabilia, and a myriad of unique fan experiences to say the least. Additionally, Ho will be planning to use her live streaming show to educate and introduce her fans to the new program.

The show that will be hosted by Maria Ho and many others from the company will be available to everyone interested all over the world. The programs will be televised on arrange of platforms and will feature interactive and fun programs in order to make sure that all fans remain entertained. Again, Maria Ho and Poker Central Live will just be a first example of how the company is planning to make use of social media in order to promote the TV network.