This week, RunGood Poker Series will be the main focus for many poker or gambling lovers. It is the latest poker news that is trending by a large margin. The event will be hosted by Hard Rock Tulsa and there is lots of entertainment available. For any fun-loving person out there who knows a thing or two about gambling, this is most definitely the event to be at this week beginning Wednesday.

Notably, the RunGood Poker Series this time round will be hosting $675 buy-in, $100,000 Main Event at Hard Rock Tulsa over the weekend. More details will be provided in due course considering that the penultimate stage of the poker series will be during the weekend. That being the case, those who are interested will be able to get updates from the officials at RunGood and also at the venue – Hard Rock Tulsa so that they can make the right choices.

Ideally, the RunGood Poker Series will start on Wednesday, 16th of September with a 180 USD Deep Stack event that will be a $20000 guarantee and two starting flights in that same regard. On day two of the event, which is Thursday will play out alongside a $230 RunGood PLO re-buy tournament coupled with a 20-seat guarantee at 7pm in the evening.

Subsequently, on Friday, the 18th of September at around 7 pm, the $675 RunGood Tulsa Re-entry Main Event will start with there being a day 1a. The same tournament will offer days 1 b and 1 c in that line as well. Later on, on September 19th at 12 noon, 7pm, the other main events will be commenced in essence. The competition will be well managed in an effective manner so as to make sure that all parties get exactly what they deserve at the end of the process. So, what happens to the winners in the end? Well, the final nine in the same event will be awarded with RunGood Championship packages. However, there are many other prizes that are up for grabs during those days.

Poker Big Names Will Be Present

With regards to those who are taking part, there are some household names that would be in attendance. These are the sort of people who make the headlines in most poker news. Basically, among those who are expected to take part are Daniel Lowery, Jordan Morgan, and Samantha Abernathy, Clint Tolbert, Ross Bybee, Dan Martin, Ben Reason, Justin Gardenhire and the latest RunGood pro known as Ray Henson. With these sorts of names in this list, no one would want to miss a part of the event.

All these are contestants who are in the running for the RunGood Cup. Even the organizers of the event know that the results are too close to call. The trophy is already at Hard Rock Tulsa waiting for its winner at the penultimate stage of the competition in the weekend. The competition however does not only benefit the participants but also the hosts as well. According to Byron Long, the Poker Director at Hard Rock Tulsa, the partnership with RunGood poker series will be a major success for them at Hard Rock.

In order to make sure that the event is at its best, Hard Rock Tulsa has partnered with vacation experts, Blaycation to come up with $2000 packages for the upcoming December championship event. Ideally, those who are lucky enough to win a package in this fashion will be treated to $300 Travel Cash, a 3-night hotel stay within New Orleans and a reserved Main Event Championship seat. Two tickets to a VIP crawl tour will also be part of those packages. This is simply the sort of an event that no one can dare miss out on.