2015 marks the year for the awareness of poker games. Technology has taken things to the next amazing level. Live streaming of Poker is going to attract hundreds of Poker fans. Twitch T.V has made its name in the cosmos of live poker streaming but still it lacks the depth, some minor and major software changes need to be done to make the live streaming attractive enough for the players.

Visualize! The world where you can access poker’s live streaming just in seconds. Pokers fans you are going to experience a new thrill, a new excitement. You imagination has taken the physical shape via Periscope.

Must be wondering what periscope is! Periscope is an app that has made feasible for you to enjoy the live streaming via your smart phones. For poker fans smart phones were never smarter before the development of this great app.

A lot has been done in the technology, what else can be better than seeing the live streaming of poker? Nothing can be! Moreover without leaving the comfort of your homes you can access the live streaming on your smartphones.

All you need to know about Periscope

This live streaming app is available for iOS and Android users. There are many apps with the restriction of availability some apps are available on iTunes while some on Google playstore which create problems for the people but now poker fans won’t face any such problem either they are android users or iOS fans they will get access in both ways.

Just with a single command the live streaming starts, moreover to keep record of anything they can use their smartphones as video cameras.

Some flaws of Periscope

Other side of the story has some twists and turns, still live streaming technologies have given significant amount to challenges to the poker industry.

Live streaming can bring huge differences between the poker players and casino staff because of security threats. There is a possibility that the information get transmitted in real time which is of course ain’t good for the integrity of live poker. Moreover poker players might lose their trust in such casinos which will result in huge loss to the gambling world.

Stop it! before it goes viral

During live streaming the differences between players and casino staff can easily go live. Once it goes viral then nothing can stop it because all of us are aware of the power of YouTube. Billions of people can watch the dispute which results in losing the faith in that particular casino. On the whole still they are unable to find a single solution for this issue, hopefully in near future new advancement may take pace and come out with a logical solution.

Bottom Line

There is continues discussion going on social media regarding periscope and people seem to be much active especially on Twitter. All in all it is good to enjoy the live streaming but in case of any dispute between the players and casino staff it won’t be good for their reputation because once it goes viral then it is impossible enough to counter it.

We still can’t guess what the future holds for periscope but if we talk about live streaming then there are many others apps in the construction phase. We can stop one or two apps but it won’t work for all because banning the entry of Smartphone users is not a solution to this problem.

It’s the time for you to join the discussion and come up with suggestions may be you will come up with any solution.