What do you know about the legality of online poker within the US states?

In many of the US states, the law is silent in matters touching on online poker

Even when it comes to the federal law, there is hardly a section or clause that makes online poker outright illegal

Of course historical records do not bring up the name of anyone who has been prosecuted for engaging in online poker.

In many US states, there are poker sites that are fully in operation and they are regulated accordingly.

Still, it would be too simplistic to assume that you can look at the position of US online poker in black and white. There is talk of no restrictions yet there is also the fact of Black Friday, an occasion that left many online poker players reeling with the possibility of massive unforeseen losses. That happened one day in 2011. Clearly, state laws are ambiguous on the legality of online poker. Making the situation even more complex is the fact that federal law is at times at loggerheads with the laws of individual states. And then there are situations where state online poker law is non-existent. So, with the mix of ambiguity, silence in law and conflict between federal and local state laws, only a practical poker guide can help.

Issues of Concern for Online Poker Players in the US

Did you know that there are poker rooms that will keep you off if your state is against online poker playing? That means the site has mechanisms of protecting you against breaking the law. Also the site will not be liable of obtaining funds from an illegal activity in the name of outlawed online poker. Of course you need to be alive to the fact that sometimes such sites can be missing updates of various state laws on poker. The best you can do is take responsibility for your gaming and guard against breaking the law.

Here are questions that often bother poker players:

  • Do I play for actual money on this online poker site?
  • Do I use my credit card to make deposit?
  • I’m I of gambling age according to this particular state poker law?
  • What does the state online poker law say regarding taxation on poker winnings?

These are amongst the most important questions every poker player wants clarified in order to enjoy peace of mind while playing poker online.

Other pertinent poker related questions include:

  • Is poker playing currently legal in my state, and if not, are there signs that it is going to be legalized soon?
  • Is it allowed to play for real money in my state?
  • Are there individual legislators lobbying to have state laws amended in favour of online poker?
  • What is the penalty, if there is, for engaging in online poker within my state?

What Is The Legal Position Regarding US Online Poker?

Any illegality regarding online poker will most likely come from the individual state poker law as no federal statute bans playing poker over the internet. Even the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) only made it illegal for an American to run an online site for poker, an illegality that becomes evident from the host’s financial operations. It is easy to appreciate this position after observing what transpired when the justice department closed down the operations of Tilt Poker – individual online poker players received back all their monies! So you need not fret about the issue of playing poker online if at all your state poker law does not explicitly outlaw online poker playing.