It is a new dawn for online poker! PokerStars is the largest poker room where online poker players can spend and earn real money in their gaming. The fact that the players are doing online gambling means that they cannot see their gaming opponents and read their demeanour. They are also, very likely, not familiar with their style of playing or even their gaming history. That is where poker software comes in. It provides you with information that helps you up your game against the player you are competing against online. Hold’em Manager 1 (HM1) Poker Software, for instance, has been in the market for some time now, and recently HM2 has been introduced.

What’s the problem?

However, what seems to be raising eyebrows today is the use of third party software, and particularly the Game Theory Optimal (GTO), built by grinder ‘skier_5’, a London based software developer. The software seems to be skewed against expert and experienced online poker players, as more and more average players use it to become swift world class contenders.

It Is Great News for Expert Poker Players

Steve Day, PokerStars’ manager, says they may have to adjust their policy regarding skier_5’s third party software. This was after Baard Darl, the tournament manager of Sit & Go, had announced the possibility of the new online poker rules taking effect as from this month of October.

While novices may have enjoyed the use of skier_5’s GTO and built their names on the online poker scene, many old hands may, understandably, be disappointed by how it works. However, it will be the joy of great poker players to note that PokerStars has identified some third party poker software that has capacity to provide the static data and information that is helpful to all poker players, while not displaying sensitive information about the game at hand and the active player’s tactics. Even starting hand charts will contain only basic information and nothing sophisticated that can be used against an opponent while the online poker game is on.

Among the issues not in contention at the moment is the use of Heads-Up Displays (HUDs) that provide not just numerical but also non-numerical data. Darl explained that these HUDs are set to be cleared from the competitive poker scene so that those players engaged in online gambling will not have to contend with being categorized and their personalized statistics being displayed over devices. Third parties will also not be able to provide analyzed information on the equities of individual poker players as long as those players are busy playing. In addition, those HUDs that will pass the test and receive a clean bill of health will still be faced with the restriction of colours. With the emergence of the new regulations, the colours on display may be restricted to a total of just three.

No Threat to Old Software Developers

Other developers who have partnered with providers of online poker need not worry about business. For example, introduction of the new third party poker software to replace the one of skier_5 is not meant to affect the use of older tools like HM2 or even Poker Tracker 4. Even the Nash Charts will still be welcome.

However, the jury is still out regarding future admissibility of some tools like SessionLord’s Pre-flop Chart; Holy Grail of Poker; Poker Academy; HEM2’s LeakBuster; FlopZilla; Odds Oracle; PokerStove; NoteCaddy; and PT4’s Leak Tracker. In the meantime, poker lovers are welcome to air their views on the proposed changes on the Two plus Two poker forum where more than half a million members actively participate.