Virginia is one of the strictest states against gambling activities and if residents of Virginia are seeking ways to play online poker legally then they need to wait for many years to come. There is only one way that could make online poker legal in Virginia and that is the thinking of lawmakers. If lawmakers believe that online poker is not gambling and stop seeing this game with negative attitude then only they will make online poker legal.

In 2013, lawmakers didn’t introduce the online poker bill and they never even discussed the online poker issue. It seems that lawmakers are taking strict actions against online poker as they introduced special bill in 2011 to remove all the loopholes that might give way to internet cafes and online poker. Introducing this law, lawmakers made online poker illegal activity.

Clifford L. “Clay” Athey Jr. (sponsor of this bill in 2011) gave declaration with harsh words when this bill was passed under his influence. “The Virginia General Assembly is taking stand for the Virginia values and left Las Vegas belonging to clear the path.

It is very apparent that Virginians remain protected from the Las Vegas and changes in the laws are on the cards. It all depends on the conservatives status of Virginian Assembly, but change is coming according to the Poker experts. Virginians elected Democrat Governor and other moderates candidates that took over the seats from conservatives in the Senate.

In normal circumstances, Virginia has been harsh on the online poker particularly players that belongs to this state. The two men that proposed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 were Virginia Congressmen. There was a time when Virginia offered many poker rooms to the people but lawmakers took steps against them and in 2010 they closed this service, permanently. After 2010, a restaurant owner was arrested for organizing the poker game at his house with his family members and friends.

That man said that poker is game of skill and it can’t be treated as illegal activity according to the gambling law. The case was taken in front of the Supreme Court but the court refused to interrupt the case and allowed the trail against that person to take place.

When Can I Play Online Poker in Virginia?

Even though there are lot many things against the legalization of online gambling, online poker still has great chances of being legalized. A simple online poker bill will support the fight for legalizing the game with minimum interference. The newly introduced internet gambling law needed to be challenged for making online poker legal in the state.

There is no intension of lawmakers to make online poker legal and Virginian people can only hope to play online poker under the Federal Internet Poker Freedom act of 2013. If the Virginia citizens will start playing online poker then lawmakers have to see this issue from other prospective. But without the federal law, Virginia will not provide online poker legally to the people in under any circumstances.