Online Poker In The US And Current Law

The controversy surrounding the legality of online poker in the US is unusual considering that the free market system is a major cornerstone of the American way of life, especially when poker is more commonly referred to as ‘America’s card game’. To expert players and the general public, poker is a sport and that’s the … Continue reading “Online Poker In The US And Current Law”

Gambling Law in South Africa

South Africa has had a vibrant gambling arena for many years. Unfortunately, some people have been known to abuse the free gaming atmosphere to the detriment of genuine poker lovers and other sincere gaming enthusiasts. To curb this abuse, the country decided to accommodate gambling within the state laws so that authorities could have legal … Continue reading “Gambling Law in South Africa”

Mississippi State Laws on Gambling

Mississippi has an interesting history as far as gambling goes. There was a time when residents of Mississippi and visitors alike gambled on almost everything and did it almost everywhere. That was the 17th century era when Mississippi was not actually a formal state. Then, people could bet on races and participate in Lotteries just … Continue reading “Mississippi State Laws on Gambling”

Poker Law In The United States

For gamblers wondering if they can play online poker in the United States, the short answer is that there’s no federal law prohibiting US players from operating online poker accounts and playing for real money. The long answer is somehow complex because when it comes to state law, the picture becomes hazy. Many states still … Continue reading “Poker Law In The United States”

Slovakia Poker Law

Slovakian are doing a good job on the world poker scene and this is probably due to the gambling environment in their home country. Gambling in Slovakia is legal. It has been so ever since 1992 when Slovakia became a state governing its own. Before then, Slovakia was part of a bigger country known for … Continue reading “Slovakia Poker Law”

Online Poker Laws in the State Of Colorado

Colorado is likely to have a bill on online poker passed very soon. There has been much lobbying in this regard, and poker lovers in Colorado are hopeful that online poker will soon be legalized. In a number of US states, the poker law is not explicit especially regarding online poker. That means that betting … Continue reading “Online Poker Laws in the State Of Colorado”

Poker machines and the law: when is a loss disguised as a win?

Picture this scenario, I take all the money that is in your pocket, you would probably feel and maybe be furious that I have taken all your money. In other words, you would feel like you have lost something. But what if I took 70% of the money that is in your pocket, would you … Continue reading “Poker machines and the law: when is a loss disguised as a win?”